What can we do about the problem of plastic pollution?

Three years ago, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation warned that by 2050, there will be more waste plastic in the sea than fish. Without drastic action this bleak forecast will be fulfilled. A recent HSBC report Finding a Plastic-Pollution Solution, states: ‘The truth is that it will be hard to find a solution to plastic pollution. There […]
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Take simple steps should reduce the risk of a dispute as more people are contesting inheritances

Every year, thousands of bereaved families become embroiled in disputes over inheritance. This often leads to additional stress at an already challenging time. It can also have a dramatic impact on the time it takes to administer an estate and distribute the proceeds to beneficiaries. Still, it seems that plenty of people are prepared to contest a […]
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Damaging results as emotions can drive your investment decisions

Glance at a stock market’s performance over the course of a few weeks, and what stands out is probably not the general direction of travel, but the short-term see-sawing of prices. Short-term volatility shouldn’t matter to long-term investors – it’s just an inevitable part of investing. But even long-term investors can all too easily respond emotionally to […]
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How to support mental health at work

How can employers play a greater role in supporting the mental health of their employees? Events like Mental Health Awareness week are helping more people to broach the subject of mental health. But we still live in a world where people face challenges getting the help they need. Work is a big part of most […]
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The Pension deficits has to drop down to 85% in April

He aggregate deficit of the 5,450 defined benefit pension schemes in the Pension Protection Fund 7800 Index fell by £37.5bn in April. This meant the shortfall decreased from 43.9bn in March to £6.4bn at the end of the following month, largely due to a good performance in equity markets. Meanwhile the funding ratio improved from 97.4 per […]
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